Come Together With One Mind and One Heart on April 24!

Tolle Lege Day, the Augustinian Friars’ annual day of giving, is coming on Wednesday, April 24! On this fourth annual Tolle Lege Day, our goal is to raise $400,000 from 1000+ donors in a 24-hour online fundraising event to support the friars and their ministries.

Tolle Lege Day takes place every year on the Feast of the Conversion of Saint Augustine. In fact, this is why the giving day is called Tolle Lege Day! “Tolle lege” means “take up and read,” and these are the words that moved Saint Augustine to pick up the Scriptures and find his way to faith and ultimately to his Conversion.

On April 24, we will come together with one mind and one heart as an Augustinian community to celebrate and bring awareness to the Augustinian Charism and all those who share in it. Every gift matters, no matter the size!

You can help spread the word and check out the social media conversations by using the hashtags #TolleLegeDay and #OneMindOneHeart on Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and LinkedIn.